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Explore a world of innovation and reliability with Great Basin Pipe & Irrigation. Our carefully curated selection of products is designed to revolutionize the way you approach irrigation. From groundbreaking stainless steel solutions to top-of-the-line Fratco supplies, each item is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Discover the perfect tools to enhance your agricultural operations and elevate your efficiency with Great Basin Pipe & Irrigation’s unmatched product lineup.

Stainless Steel


One of our flagship developments is the stainless steel headgate, a superior alternative to traditional mild steel headgates prone to rust and corrosion. With our stainless steel solutions, we guarantee durability and longevity, free from the worries of premature degradation.

Stainless Steel

Dispersion Bowl

Additionally, we’ve introduced the stainless steel ‘dispersion bowl,’ a groundbreaking replacement for concrete dispersion bowls. These bowls not only diffuse and disperse water effectively but also contribute to water conservation efforts by eliminating maintenance requirements and the need for herbicide applications.

Unmatched Quality

Stainless Steel

At the heart of our innovation is stainless steel, a material we believe offers unparalleled advantages over concrete. Our stainless steel products boast ease of installation, allowing us to initiate and complete projects even amidst the irrigation season’s peak. Unlike concrete, stainless steel is resistant to cracking, ensuring longevity and reliability in every structure we develop. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes installation safer and more efficient compared to cumbersome concrete alternatives.

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