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A decade ago, our humble beginnings saw us installing pipe ditches at a modest pace. It wasn’t until we crossed paths with our dedicated Fratco representative that our ambitions soared to new heights. Inspired to elevate our offerings, we delved into the realm of stainless steel product development, reshaping the industry standard. Today, not only are we proud installers of cutting-edge irrigation systems, but we also serve as trusted distributors of Fratco pipe and stainless steel solutions across the Western region. Join us as we continue to lead the charge in revolutionizing irrigation practices and supplying top-quality products to contractors and installers alike.

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Great Basin Services

At Great Basin Pipe & Irrigation, our commitment to value extends beyond products – it’s ingrained in every service we provide. With a decade of industry expertise, we offer unparalleled support to farmers and contractors alike. From efficient installation of cutting-edge irrigation systems to seamless distribution of top-tier Fratco supplies, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence at every turn. Discover the difference with Great Basin Services and unlock the full potential of your agricultural endeavors.

Unmatched Quality

Stainless Steel

At the heart of our innovation is stainless steel, a material we believe offers unparalleled advantages over concrete. Our stainless steel products boast ease of installation, allowing us to initiate and complete projects even amidst the irrigation season’s peak. Unlike concrete, stainless steel is resistant to cracking, ensuring longevity and reliability in every structure we develop. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes installation safer and more efficient compared to cumbersome concrete alternatives.

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Reach out to Great Basin Pipe & Irrigation today! Whether you’re a farmer seeking expert advice or a contractor in need of top-quality supplies, we’re here to forge meaningful connections. Let’s discuss your needs, explore opportunities, and work together to shape a more sustainable future for agriculture. Contact us now and let the journey begin!

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